The Free Will Baptist Retirement Board is investing in millions of dollars of anti-family, pro-porn connected companies that are major distributors of pornographic, violent, and obscene content. This includes mutual fund holdings, that actively contain such stocks as: Comcast (one of the largest distributors of pornography with XFINITY on-demand programming – see screenshots of holdings below along with NCSE’s campaign link against Comcast with porn distribution specifics). Electronic Arts stock, is a company that develops violent video games that promote and show assaults of women, frequenting prostitutes, and violence against depictions of nude prostitutes, just to name some examples. Please view the Coalition for Clean Investing’s website, at, for complete details on the following. If you are an organizational leader or clergy member, we invite you to join the Clean Investing Alliance by emailing: media (at) Stock holdings from the FWB investments are located below that are held by the denomination, along with letters from concerned Free Will Baptist pastors (we continually receive more letters/calls from pastors who want their denomination out of porn and update with additional letters) who are not being allowed to pull out of the Retirement Plan without a penalty to their retirement plan! Please spread the social media memes below on your social media pages, to help send a message to the Free Will Baptist Church Leadership & Retirement Board – that they CANNOT SERVE TWO MASTERS! Their investments in such stocks, are singlehandedly destroying lives of families worldwide, perhaps within their own churches, while helping to support pornography quietly.  Help us promote CLEAN INVESTING! Sign our petition below to the Free Will Baptist Retirement Board to help send your message. It’s a travesty that pastors are voicing their disagreement with investments but are being ignored after they do so much for families and their churches every week.

In August 2013, the Church National Association stated, “through the church retirement plan your funds will be invested in Christian based socially screened investments that do not invest in companies that are publicly recognized as providing products and services in the liquor, tobacco, gambling, porn, abortion, or Disney.”
The FWB Board of Retirement letter that was sent out dated August 21, 2013, stated that they had an investment strategy which is a, “strong investment policy which dictates that direct investments are prohibited in any company that is publicly recognized as being in the alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or pornography industries.”

In 2015, the FWB Retirement Fund made $1.3 million dollars due to the anti-family/porn related stocks/general holdings they are invested in! In addition, they also lost money during the year with the fund. If pastoral money is being lost – why not invest in stocks and options that are pro-family & gain clean profits through socially-conscious investing?  The 2016 Retirement Report also states the Plan aligns with “Biblically centered principles.” How does Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner (owns HBO which shows explicit pornographic programming) and Electronic Arts – major distributors of pornography & violent video/obscene video games, align with Biblical principles?!





If you are a FWB denominational member, please voice your concerns by calling their office in addition at:

Executive Offices: 615-731-6812 or toll-free at 877-767-7659

If you know members of the church or denomination, please send our website to them and have them sign our petition and call the FWB offices. YOUR VOICE IS NEEDED TO GET CHURCHES TO CLEANLY INVEST AND PRACTICE WHAT IS PREACHED!

Download your own postcards below to hand out to friends/family and leave in public places. 

For questions, interest in volunteering to help with clean investing initiatives, or if you are a pastor or concerned citizen who would like to write a letter to the FWB Leadership & Retirement Board, please e-mail us at: pastors (at)

We sincerely Thank You!

The Coalition for Clean Investing